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7 Basic Tips for New Gardeners

7 Basic Tips for New Gardeners

Gardening is a simple and gratifying hobby that is enjoyed by millions. A gardener can manage one or two containers on a balcony to a complex lot that spans several acres. Regardless of the size of the garden, the basic rules to maintain the garden are generally the same. Here are several basic tips for the new gardeners:

Right place - Make sure to plant the flowers, fruits, or vegetables in the right place to match the specific type of plant. Avoid trying to suit a plant to an empty plot, as successful growth isn't likely to be achieved if the right shady, moist, dry, or hot spot isn't provided.

Mature growth - The full size of a plant, shrub, or tree should be considered when planning the garden landscape. A common mistake is to plant shrubs or trees too closely, and not appreciating the mature size after several seasons of growth. Compacted plants can leave the perennial bed looking overgrown and crowded.

Start small - Start out with a small bed or patch to give the new gardener time to hone their gardening skills. An ideal size is a single 25' X 25' patch or a 4' X 8' bed. Make sure to carefully plan the garden to increase the chance of enjoying successful growth and avoid improperly sited trees. A fruit-bearing tree planted in a less than ideal position is certain to cause a lot of trouble in 5 or 10 years should it need to be relocated.

Buy the basics - A varied selection of tools and supplies is certain to make planting and maintaining the garden easier. A basic tool collection should include hand tools (trowel, weed puller, cultivator, pruners, etc), hose, fertilizers, and protective gear (gloves, hat, sun block, etc).

Feed the soil - Give the soil a regular application of nutrient-rich materials to help promote strong growth of the plant life. Preferred soil amendments include well-rotted homemade compost, grass clippings, crushed leaves, and similar organic matter.

Mass the plants - Try to plant the small plants or flowers so that the leaves slightly overlap or touch to help with creating a micro-climate. This offers the benefit of minimizing weed growth. Also, this make sure you see a lot more plants and color in the garden, and a lot less soil between the plants.

Varied plant life - A garden landscape that relies on only flower color isn't the most attractive option. A well-planned garden should also consider texture, foliage, and winter interest.

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