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Feng Shui Tips For Your Garden And Home

Feng Shui Tips For Your Garden And Home

The entry to a home or the doorway into rooms is where your first view is encountered. Doorways and entrances to anything should feel welcoming. They should be clear and the pathway should allow ease of movement.

The Chi, (or energy flow), should never be made stagnant at this point. Pictures and ornamental decorations in this area should be pleasing and round leafed plants in pots attract prosperity into the home. Another tip to remember is that if you have doorways from front to back that are visible, the flowing of energy should be stopped from escape.

A Feng Shui cure for this problem, can be by placing a plant as suggested to the side of the entry: thus creating an environment to capture the Chi flow. The essence of creating good flow and attracting harmony, involves placement.

Feng Shui recognizes that small problems can have a major effect on your life, and that a well kept home will always have better chi than one where maintenance tasks have been allowed to pile up. The minor problems and inconveniences that plague a poorly maintained home can restrict your freedom of movement, cloud your ability to understand a situation, make it difficult to take advantage of opportunities, and waste your resources.

For example:

- Doors that are difficult to open make it difficult for you to progress in life.

- Dirty windows cloud your judgment and make it hard to see things clearly. This can manifest as physical eye problems or symbolically as difficulty recognizing what's really going on in a situation.

- Burnt-out light bulbs, fixtures that don't work, and inadequate lighting all contribute to a lack of vision, energy, and initiative in that area of your home and in the related area of your life.

Now that you know where your power spots are, it's a good idea to take a close look at those areas of your house. Make a note of any new or long-overdue housekeeping, maintenance, and repair tasks, and make getting them done as soon as possible a feng shui priority!

Think of Chi as an important guest you wish to welcome to your home, and make your formal entry - and the access to it from the street - as inviting as possible.

The principles of Feng Shui can be applied to your garden as well. By applying Feng Shui principles to your garden you can attract positive energy, wealth and good fortune. Given below are a few tips and ideas on how to Feng Shui your garden.

The most important principles of Feng Shui in the garden are curves and proportion. Your house is the Yin energy and your garden is the Yang energy. The Yang aspect in Feng Shui is about light and space. Try to incorporate all the five elements of Feng Shui in your garden as much as possible.

» Use a pond, birdbath or fountain to represent the water element.
» Use a sundial or bronze statue in the garden for metal.
» Use trees and shrubs for wood.
» Use plants or flowers that are red and orange in color to represent fire.
» Use earth to represent the earth element.

Water features such as pools, ponds and fountains are beautiful and encourage beneficial chi. They also symbolize prosperity and create yin (feminine) energy.

You can create more Yang (masculine) energy by using garden lights to add light to the garden's dark areas. Remember balance and harmony is the key to a Feng Shui Garden.
By: Kathy Tyson

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Different Types Of Trees In Your Garden

The Different Types Of Trees In Your Garden

We have leaves around us because they make our lives more amusing. Most people reply to grass outside basically observing the aesthetic charm. We feel peaceful, peaceful, soothing, and tranquil in an orchard of grass. Looking up into a charming strong tree gives you awareness of solidarity. Trees are the very focus part of amazing landscapes. Nevertheless that is not all, they also present great quantity in many other areas. Here are just a few profit that these magnificent living gear may add to your life.

Trees can act as wonderful sound and snake barriers creating a more peaceful, secretive outside living environment. Strategically located, windbreak planting can significantly decrease home heating costs during the frost months. A well located shade tree can also lower your roof and enclose temperatures by 20 degrees or more and help you recover considerably on your electric check in the summer months as well. Shade from grass can decrease efficacy bills for air conditioning by 15-50 percent.

Trees also help soothe your neighborhood and can add substantially to the help of your home. It is reality that homes retail faster in neighborhoods with mature foliage. They can afford privacy, accentuate views, or obstruct discarded views. They help to lessen shimmering and reflection. They can also harvest a background and allay, compliment, or enhance architecture.

Another help of grass is that they help pure the air by removing fatal gases and particles such as dust, pollen, carbon dioxide, smoke. Trees thus significantly help reload the earth's oxygen amount.

Finally, by planting plants, we restore to a more inborn, minus artificial environment. Trees present food, nesting sites and protection for birds and other plants that help saturate our lives with diversity and marvel.

With foliage comes the responsibility to nursing for them well. Like most plants in your yard, plants must unique problem. It is important to keep tree limbs away from brawn shape and away from the roof of your house. Branches can certainly appeal down gutters or begin other costly dent if they are killing over your house.

Trees add beauty and kindness to any district backdrop. They make life more enjoyable, peaceful, relaxing, and deal a plentiful inheritance for coming generations. Take the time to mind for your trees now so that the trees may keep on generous.

By: Joseph Silva

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