Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Beauty of Garden Decor

The Beauty of Garden Decor
By Romain Levesque

Gardens are beautiful places of relaxation and beauty. The wonderful combination of the higher oxygen levels, the aroma therapeutic scents, and the pleasant colors eases one's mind, body, and soul into a place of relations and peace.

It is for this reason that so many people enjoy growing and keeping gardens. It is also this reason that people often use various schemes of garden decor to keep the garden interesting and stimulating. There are many different garden decor styles on the market.

The fantasy land decor is very common. This includes fairies, gnomes, and other imaginary creatures and scenes painted on clay or porcelain for decoration.Another very common garden decor is the natural life decor.

This decor style includes the arrangement of creatures made of metal and other materials into natural scenes. These creatures are often symbolic representations of the real creatures that might frequent the garden.

Paths to heaven are also very popular, and in such decor, there is a very heavy religious undertone and a remembering of those who have gone before us.

No matter what the garden decor is, the premise is the same, to bring visual and mental interest to a garden that causes one to either think or further enjoy the garden.

The decor of the garden can help one better understand the garden and their place in the garden.

It is also nice for the directing of thought or mediation while visiting the garden.The garden itself can be greatly enhanced by the addition of pretty ornaments designed for the garden.

Such garden decor can often cover an area that plants do not seem to grow.It is also possible to set the decor up in such a manner that it allows for a path in which one can access the plants and tend to them.

There is so much that one can do with garden decor that it is little wonder that it is so popular with those who have gardens

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Keeping Your Home and Garden Spiffy

Keeping Your Home and Garden Spiffy
By Bob Schmitt

If you are like most people, you want your home and garden to be smart and stylish. You can keep your place up to date when you shop for all the modern necessities and luxuries. You can surround yourself with beautiful and functional items as you make your choices.

Your home will be cozy and livable and your garden will bloom when you get all the right accessories. You will be able to make any kind of food or beverage in your kitchen if you have the right appliances to do the jobs. Cookbooks will guide you on your way to great family meals in your home.

For beverages, you will have blenders, juicers, and mixers. You can find cookware to suit your style, whether it is a single cooker or a complete set of nonstick cookware. Bring out the cutlery sets to chop up and prepare your foods for cooking and roasting. You can also cook in fryers, skillets, griddles, or microwaves. Toasters, toaster ovens, grills, and waffle makers complete your small cooking appliances.

When your food is finished, you can serve it with coffee, tea, or espresso. Use buffet style food servers to show off your dishes and keep them warm for guests. When the meal is over, you can bag up the leftovers in FoodSavers bags to use on another day. If all else fails and you are not in the mood to cook a fancy dinner, use can or jar openers for an easy meal.

Entertaining at home is easier with novelty items like cotton candy, popcorn, snow cone, or slushee machines. You can serve hot dogs, ice cream or nachos in a nostalgic way. Do not leave out barware and fondue equipment when you are thinking about entertaining.

Your home will look more modern if you use attractive soap dispensers in your bathroom. You can get beautiful touchfree versions that show off the colors of your soaps and shampoos. Air purifiers can clean up the environment not only in the bathroom, but all over your home.

Cleaning is a necessary evil for many people, but having the right machines and detergents will make everything work better. Steam cleaners and vacuums make tough chores easier. Special touch free trash cans make everyday clean up a breeze. The chore of garment care will not be a dreaded one in your home if you have the best in steam irons.

Children of all ages should not be left out of home plans. They need their toys and games. Golf putter sets are just as desirable for some as pedal cars are for others. Everyone loves poker sets and signs. The big kids like their toys too, and sets of tools are popular for them.

House and garden plans are not complete until you find all the little things that make a house a home. You will look forward to shopping for your kitchen, your bathroom, your comfort, and your entertainment with excitement.

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Home and Garden - A Magical Place

Home and Garden - A Magical Place
By Casey Ryan

Do you have a special tree in your backyard? One that is big enough to sit under? Perhaps big enough to sit under with several of your friends? We have a Chinese elm on our property that we have taken care of over the years.

This particular type of tree is notorious for limbs breaking off over the winter and, for city dwellers, is considered a nuisance tree because of the falling branches, seeds and invasive roots. But for those of us that live in the country, the peculiarities of this particular species are easily overlooked.

Especially now that we have cleaned up the branches and all the surrounding area and made it into a favorite party spot - not only our favorite but the favorite of our friends and family as well! Depending on where you live, it might be an oak, maple, sycamore or a hundred other varieties. There is nothing quite like a tree to add privacy, value and comfort to your home garden or patio.

After treating our sacred Chinese Elm with the dignity it deserves (the clean-up), each year we string rope lights throughout its canopy. We like to think that the particular way in which we string them up is reminiscent of the Greek ferries that make their way throughout the Greek Isles, that trip being one of our favorites! Our guests are mesmerized by the effect as well. The lighting is just right.

Not too bright but just bright enough that everyone can see each other and easily navigate around the site. There is a string of lights over the buffet table, another extending over the bar and strategically placed lights over the tables. Add a campfire to this scene and it's just about perfect.

Plenty of light and warmth plus just enough smoke to keep the mosquitoes away. In this setting, no one is in a hurry to run off because it's "too dark" or there are "too many bugs."
Because we live in the country, you might be thinking that the campfire is easy for us to do but that you can't do that because you live in town or in the suburbs. Not so! A self-contained fire ring or fire pit, either of the wood variety or powered by gas, will allow you to achieve the same effect. One of these units will allow you to safely and easily integrate fire into your backyard patio or garden experience.

We have had people of all ages sit around our campfire. It's amazing how the conversation changes. Old, childhood memories of past camping experiences come flooding back, people wax philosophical about life in general and children are always fascinated by a fire. Sitting by a fire and staring into it just has a way of making us all more reflective and relaxed. It's kind of like looking back into the origins of the universe... See what I mean?!

Now, to really put the finishing touches on your magical garden or patio experience, add the sound of falling water. Bringing the symphony of water into your space rounds out the experience of being surrounded by Nature. A fountain allows you the sensation of a river or waterfall without leaving your backyard.

Sitting next to a fire with the sound of water gently falling in the background soothes the soul and transports one to that feeling of inter-connectedness that we can miss as we work to meet our busy schedules and take care of all the demands of our modern society. A fountain can be a simple, table top affair or it can be a centerpiece of your garden. Combining all of these elements into your backyard garden under your favorite tree(s) makes for a truly "magical" experience!

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5 Tips to Freshen Up Your Home and Garden Decor

5 Tips to Freshen Up Your Home and Garden Decor
By Chris Robertson

When it comes to home and garden decor, it's easy to fall into a rut. There's only so much time in the day, and between work, taking care of the kids, and running errands, who has the energy to redecorate?

Plus, with the prices of everything from gas to groceries going through the roof, who has the money to do renovations or complete makeovers?

The good news is that freshening up your home decor doesn't have to break the bank - and it certainly doesn't need to take up a lot of time and energy. Here are five easy ways to spruce up your surroundings and make the time you spend at home more comfortable and relaxing.

1. Indulge your senses. We're blessed with five senses, but our decorating choices often only address what's in our line of vision. One way to bring another dimension to our living space is to select aromatic candles, incense, or warming oil that infuses the air with beautiful scents. There are so many from which to choose, each of which can convey a different feeling.

2. Bring the outdoors in. Increasingly, people are choosing to move the boundaries of their homes by decorating outdoor patios and yards as an extension of their family rooms and bedrooms. The soothing sounds of wind chimes and fountains, and the beauty of lawn accents will make you want to spend more time outdoors, and give you the feeling that your home has doubled in size.

3. Display your collectibles. Whether you collect figurines or baseball bats, porcelain dolls or Star Wars memorabilia, displaying your collectibles can change the mood of a room. Afterwards, you'll feel more comfortable and relaxed as you're surrounded by the things you love.

4. Use seasonal decor. You can change the tone of a room with a few simple changes. Using seasonal decor, such as a new set of throw pillows or new wall art, is a great way to transform your living space. Use one set of home decor accents in the spring, and then switch them out in the fall.

5. Add a few extra touches. Sometimes, freshening up your home decor is simply a matter of adding a few items. It's kind of like using cosmetics or other health and beauty products - but for your home. For example, the right lighting can convey a variety of moods, while decorative plants can add lushness to a sterile space. Suncatchers will brighten things up, while mirrors can make a room appear larger.

When it comes to finding the right source for home and garden decor, your best bet is to shop online. Instead of going to the big box retailers, it's best to find a site that is family owned an operated, and that is committed to providing a large product line at reasonable prices.

With the right site, you should even be able to take advantage of special promotions, like weekly specials and monthly buy-one-get-one promotions.

Keep in mind that freshening up your home doesn't require a lot of time and money. With the right items at the right prices, you can create a haven that you'll be glad to come home to

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Create a Comfortable Home and Garden

Create a Comfortable Home and Garden
By Caitlina Fuller

Do you look in magazines and see homes and gardens that are simply exquisite? Are you wondering about how you could make your yard and home décor look a little better? Fortunately, it is not that difficult to design a look for your home and garden décor. In fact, when you use the assistance of online stores like Online Discount Mart you will find everything you need to make your plan a reality.

The great thing about shopping online is that you can save a lot of money. What you need to do first is sit down and make a plan. If you want your garden to have fountains and hammocks or if you would prefer stones and garden furniture it is up to you.

What you do have to do is complete a design that looks good and incorporates your home and garden's best elements. So, focus on what you want to play up and the areas you want to play down. Once you have identified all these areas and have an idea of what you want then you may begin purchasing the necessary items to complete the look.

For example, you may decide that you want beautiful wicker patio furniture. Once you decide on this then you need to come up with ways to play up the new outdoor furniture. This includes buying new potted plants to create a beautiful area in your garden. You can plant grass and other flowers so that they will bloom in the spring and summer and look beautiful. Consider the colors you want to plant and the way they will look with your new furniture. Creating an overall design is the idea here.

And, the same goes for the interior of your home. Focus on creating a special place. Buy rich fabrics and paint the walls rich colors that will match. You should look through magazines and find rooms that you like. Notice the colors, fabrics, and arrangement of furniture. Try and figure out how you could copy a particular look all the while staying on your budget.

Many times you can find used furniture that will work great and save some money not to mention painting yourself in order to save money. When you do things on your own it is amazing how much money you can save. When you use these ideas in no time you will have created a special place in your home and garden that is not only comfortably but beautiful as well

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Home and Garden Furniture Ideas

Home and Garden Furniture Ideas
By Gene Dodge

Home and garden furniture is furniture that can be used inside as well as outdoors. Some people have opted to enclose a large patio in glass or screen, carpet the floor with indoor - outdoor carpeting, furnish with a fireplace, and install ceiling fans along with an air conditioner.

The patio area can be adjacent to the house or separate. The plans of the room or structure can come equipped with a kitchen separate than that of the primary section of the house. This area would require home and garden furniture to furnish the surroundings. When looking for plants for this area, you would still opt for house plants but maybe that of the larger variety.

Home and garden furniture can be made from wicker and wood. Metal and plastic garden furniture can be used, but would probably be considered inappropriate to adorn this region of your home. You would want furniture that is not too elaborate, but on the other hand you don't want the furniture ill-suited for the region either. You will want it to blend with the surroundings you have created. The enclosing of the back patio area convince visitors that this is just an extra room in the house. You will want the room to give off the look of casual comfort.

A room in which to relax and have fun. Home and garden furniture fabricated from wicker have a classic appearance. The simplicity of the designs leans to the casual look of romantic, comfort. Since the home and garden furniture constructed of wicker is made for the outdoors, care and maintenance should be a much easier, simpler task. Consult your retailer for those requirements.

Wicker is also constructed to be durable. It is a good investment in the future of your home. The wicker constructed home and garden furniture comes in a wide range of style, designs and colors. Along with the variety of colors you will have the option to choose one of the dining sets, or from a cluster of sofa, loveseats and chairs. Wicker tables will complete the look of your conversation area of the room. You also have the option of a porch swing a cozy, intimate seating for lovers and friends young or old.

Home and garden furniture is also available an array of wooden pieces or sets. If you want to be able to move home and garden furniture, you may want to browse the teak wooden furniture lines. Teakwood is well known for its lightweight and strength. Its natural finish is a golden color. Wooden home and garden furniture like the wicker home and garden furniture is also built to be sturdy and durable.

Wooden home and garden furniture is also available in the same furniture pieces as the wicker furniture from the dining sets to the conversation sets included with loveseat or sofas. The porch swing is also one of the options available in the wooden home and garden furniture line.

The maintenance and care for the wooden furniture as with the wicker should be a much simpler and easy task. For requirements for that care, check with the retailer. As with the wicker home and garden furniture, wooden home and garden furniture is a great investment in the future for you and your home

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Home And Garden Lighting

Home And Garden Lighting
By Elizabeth Morgan

Previously, outdoor or the gardens were lit to facilitate people to see clearly when entering your home and to avert thieves.

Today, landscape lighting is more for aesthetic purposes. Landscape lighting has turned into a work of art.

The aim of landscape lighting is to exhibit a garden and a home in its complete splendor after dark. The lighting has its practical aspect and offers a well-lit area to deter thieves. The following are tips for landscape or garden lighting.

It is best to hire the services of a certified lighting consultant who is will give the best advice. Also, study your garden thoroughly before deciding what you would like to highlight using lighting.

Make sure that the lighting professional has a copy of your design. Iclude outdoor lighting when planning the garden landscape to make it easier to lay wires and pipes.

Try and get more than one quote, so that you can compare the prices. Install a big transformer to meet your present and future lighting needs.

If you are thinking about doing the lighting in parts, lay all the electrical groundwork in the initial stages. Try and use soft light that is akin to moonlight.

Don’t overdo it. The landscape should be seen, not the lights. Hide the lighting system source behind shrubs and plants.

Make sure the fixtures are not visible. Use water resistant fixtures. Most people tend to favor white light for garden lighting.

However, you could try different color variations with the help of a professional. Use fluorescent lights, as are they are less expensive and a lot more effective than incandescent lights.

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Home and Garden Decor

Home and Garden Decor
By Ken Marlborough

Installing home and garden decor is a great way to make your home and garden attractive, appealing and a relaxing place to stay.
Before you enter your home, you see the garden. By creating a welcoming and pleasantly inviting atmosphere in your garden, you are creating a welcoming introduction to your home.
Not only that – there are times when you just want to spend time entertaining or relaxing in your garden, so it’s fun to keep it pleasing to everyone’s eyes

In choosing home and garden décor, first you have to know what you want and what style you are looking for.
One way of determining which décor to buy is by setting a theme to your garden. Thin about what you would like your garden to look like – what accessories you would like to see, and what plants and trees you’d like to add.
Here are some of the theme ideas that you can incorporate with your home and garden décor: butterfly, temple, sundial, Japanese, water, winter, and jungle.

After you choose your theme, you can now make a list of products that are wonderful items to compliment your home garden.
Some of these items can be flowers and flowerpots, planter pots, birdhouses, fountains, wind chimes, garden shelves, incense, garden angels, plant stands, flower vases, and statues.

Decorating your home and garden can be very challenging and you have to use your aesthetic ability to come up with a truly pleasing home garden.
But before you make any purchase, see to it that your home and garden décor items will be good together so that you will not waste money, time, and effort.