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Garden Landscaping Ideas for Beginners

Garden Landscaping Ideas for Beginners

If you are not an experienced landscape designer, it is necessary to talk to some professional gardeners before beginning a landscaping project. It is not necessary that you hire a professional for the complete duration of a project, but it would be wise to spend some money for a short dialogue with a professional gardener to help prevent obvious mistakes further on. The mistakes maybe small but may become expensive mistakes during the course of landscaping.

A cool tip for landscape gardening is to acquire all the materials needed before commencing any project. It can get very frustrating when one realizes right in the middle of a big project that one is short of materials required and one needs to constantly go back to the store for new items.

When you start landscaping, don't forget to create space for the plants to grow. Design your garden landscape on paper first. Planning is a vital part. If you plant a tree very close to your house the tree would eventually mature and its roots would spoil the foundation of your house. When planting a tree or a bush their full growth should always be kept in mind. If your home garden area is small then use smaller trees and shrubs.

It is always best to use native plants for landscaping. Also one should include trees, bushes and flowers. Using native plants would ensure proper growth as the local soil and temperature would be just right and also you would not have to work very hard to maintain your garden. It would also be easy for helpers to look after the landscape. Using native plants might also make your garden landscape look different as many people go for the exotic these days.

To ensure that your garden looks beautiful one must choose wisely. Choose different varieties of plants, trees and shrubs as this would add color to your garden. Have different colored leaves, not just green, choose shrubs that flower, use trees that flowers spectacularly. Do not plant flowers under a shaded tree as it would never blossom. If you want it to look good, you can put a bench beneath the shade tree or use mulch to create a ground cover as these will spread out to form a carpet. Ground cover looks great and is fairly easy to maintain. One can use sweet woodruff or maybe hosta for colder climates. These also choke out weeds.

Planning your purchases will add to a lot of saving. If you can, you should wait for the season before buying a plant as it is cheaper. When a new plant species comes to the market it is usually more expensive, so if you can, you should ideally wait for a couple of years for the price to come down.

After landscaping, when you want a change, you don't have to remove every blade of grass from your lawn. Leave some grass and flowers. The decomposed stuff will provide some nutrients to the soil and would lessen the amount of fertilizer needed for the subsequent landscapes.

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