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Garden Landscape Design - 7 Tips to Design a Beautiful Garden Landscape

Garden Landscape Design - 7 Tips to Design a Beautiful Garden Landscape 

The first question you need to ask yourself is 'Does the design on paper blend in with the house?'. This means that the texture, color and shape should reflect unity and uniformity. Having all kinds of shapes and colors no matter how expensive is a big no

When designing a garden landscaping plan remember to incorporate the basic art of simplicity. Just use a few colors for your garden. Having plants of different colors will just produce a 'clown' garden

Incorporating the art of balance is a big step towards a beautiful garden. Balance can be symmetrical meaning that you get to have a garden that has equally spaced matching plant heights and bed shapes. The second form is the asymmetrical design that is a bit complex. In simple terms, it means you have to be unbalanced while still maintaining some balance.

Color is another vital key to having an exquisite garden. It is important for you to study the basic colors and understand the kind of effect the chosen colors are bound to bring to your garden.

Garden Landscape 

Consider the use of natural transition. This would avoid sudden changes on the garden design. For instance, you can have a step effect on the flowers where some are taller than others, have the medium sizes and finally the bedding flowers.

One of the most overlooked factors is the issue of repetition. This is a close relative to balance and unity. One cannot experience unity without having repetitive designs. However, this has a limitation for too much repetition will cause monotony and boredom.

Always remember that the garden reflects your personality. It does not make sense to have a garden that you will not enjoy spending time in at the end of a long day's work.

Overall, it is important that you have a budget before you start your garden landscaping. Keep in mind that some forms of landscaping methods might be very expensive as compared to others. However, with the help of a good plan, then you will be able to have a good garden landscape within no time. 

Always learn from other people's experiences, this will help you minimize on the some of the costly mistakes. You can easily find advice on the Internet. Visit some of the forums, blogs, and websites that discuss landscaping and you will get good knowledge and experience that will help you in your quest to have a beautiful garden landscape.

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